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What is affiliate program

Alot of companyes is having afilliate programs.

Afilliate, is a way of getting other people to recommend your product.

Some companyes like partner-ads, have a couple of hundred companyes they at making affiliate links for and you can apply to a Company that a making afiliate marketing for alot of other companyes or some companyes are making their own program, like Bornprettystore .

When you have signed up to make afilliate marketing eigther for a single Company, og for one of the big companyes ther are helping alot other. You can start to make afilliate links. When other people then click at the link you are making, you will be abel to get money for the click, to send people to the other webpage. or some give you Money when the people you send to their pages buy a product.

So if you have a fashion/beauty blog, you migth have a favorite webshop, check out if they have a affiliate program, it is easy to recomend products you love, dont ask people to buy thing that you dont like, just to earn money.



Stay focused

When you have a blog dont write a little bit about everything. Focused it on one thing.

Like having a blog with nail polish and nailart – then you migth be creativ and good at knitting as well, but make 2 blogs if you warnt to tele abouth both.

If you stay focused on your subjekt you can get more followers, and that will at the end make more Money.


By the way im good at folding napkins…. ooh that proberly didn’t have your interest…. So keep focused…


Variation in photos

This is a hard thing of having a nailart/fashion blog, to variate your Photos.

If you have a nailart blog you will oftent have photos of your nails, oftent same position, every time.

and Fashion blog, is oftent a selfie, in same full body mirror, of the outfit of today, fashion show photos.

So now it is time to think and be creative. Dont have simmilar photos just in new clothes or new make up/nailpolish.

So here is what to do….. the only limit is your imagination. Get inspired and use diffrent effekts on your Photos. That can be, a diffrent background. Have a friend take photos of you instead of selfies, that wont be a everyday option, but once in a while. Think of making something diffrent.

I have in just 10 minutes made 9 photos, af the same nailpolish… and no there is not a photo with a bottle in the hand… i try to variate a bit, and you can hopefully see the nailpolish look diffrent on the difftent photos.

foto 3sfoto 2sfoto 1rfoto 1foto 1sfoto 3

Okay i admit, not all of this 9 photos are perfekt, but i did this in only 10 minutes just to prove, is dosen’t have to be hard, to make at bit of variations.

it is just a question on having the ideas for doing something diffrent.

foto 2r

foto 2

foto 3r


Please not that it look like a diffrent nailpolish on the diffrent photos, it isen’t. but det background and ligth changes it a bit. It is a glitter polish so it is actually hard to take accurate photos of.

Test products

If you wish to test products for companys, you should remember to write it on your blog.

On an “about” page, you should write that you will do tests, and you wont recommend produkts you dont like. Unless, you actually will, write anything a marketing company ask you to write. Not so reliable to your followers, so remember to keep the rigth to decide what you want to write.

You also need to write in your post, when you have a sponsores produkt that you are reviewing.

That makes it fair to your followers, they know why you have choosen to review that product.

Get at free blog

It is easy to start your own blog.

There is a cople of options on how to get a free blog.

This blog i made free from

There is also other options to get free blogs, I will recommend WordPress, it is just better, but i will mention all the other places to get free blogs as well.

Get free blogs on:



As you can see, there is plenty of Places to get a free blog, so just get started if you not already are having a beauty og fashion blog.

At the moment i wont use time on explaining how to set up your blog . There is plenty of other blogs doing that.

Do you know other free Places to get a blog? please leave it in a comment.

How to start a new blog

To be abel to earn money on a blog, you need to have one. That is fairly simple.


You have two options first.

1. Get a free blog

2. Buy a domain and get a blog on your own webpage.


Both options is very easy to set up and well explained on other blogs. So i wont explain much about it.

foto 3

Where you should think and it migth make a difference, is that you will rank better in Google with your own domain, instead of a free blog.

But then, dont expect to be rich on owning a beauty blog, so for a start, if you never have had a blog before, i will recommend a free blog.

This is a free wordpress blog, i could have choosen a paid domain for my blog, but choosed to make it on a free blog. Because that is what i expect most beauty/fashion blogs to do. So i will have to work with same issues as you have.

Before you can earn Money on your blog i recommend you have had it for a couple of months, so if you already have a blog please keep following, then ther will come tips on how to get freebies and how to set your blog up to earn some money.

How to earn money on your blog

To make money on your Beauty/Fashion blog, i have here made a step-by-step guide.


1. Start a Blog

2. Get followers

3. Get free produkts

4. Test a produkt

5. Adds

6. Affiliate

7. Inspiration


On this blog my post will be in categories after this step-by-step guide. So you can choose what point you are at. You migth want to jump a little in the steps.

Mabey you can get your first free produkt when you have only 20 followers, but you want to get back and have more followers.

And mabey you need more inspiration to what to put on your blog before getting more followers.

But after beeing trugh it all you will be abel to earn money on your beauty/fachion blog



Welcome to my blog

I have made this blog to learn beauty and fashion bloggers to earn a bit of money on their blogs.

I hope alot of people can learn how to get freebies to test on thier blogs. And how to get money on advertisements.

But most importent is to enjoy what you are doing.


now lets Earn some money…..


Red lips