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Go all in on challenges. Make your own challenges or find a challenge another blogger have made.

Challenges gives inspiration to try something new, and to make diffrent blog posts.

A challenge can be a weekend challenge, a month, a year, spring, summer you name it….. It will give inspiration to posts, and some challenges shows the other blog participating in the challenge, that make more followers because your blog get exposed on more pages.


Social media marketing

To be abel to earn money on your fashion blog, you need to have alot of followers.

A good way of getting more people to know about you is using social medias to.

Use Twitter, instagram, facebook, and so on.

But remember, you need to use it, else you will lose followers, so if you dont use Twitter dont make a account, that people can follow if you never tweet anything.

But you can put some of your accounts together, like getting alle your instagram Photos to show up on facebook, so you dont need to write on all medias.

Give away

A great way of getting more followers is to host a give away or competition.

If you are having a good blog, you can proberly have somebody to sponsor your competition. They will for sure do it to promote a produkt or their name, so it have to be a sponsored by somebody having relevant products for the people who will read your blog.

As im focusing this blog on how to earn Money on a beauty/fashion blog, i can recommend to ask a shop that sell clothes or make up. Mabey you have earlyer recommended a product you like, and can make a shop sponser that product for your give away or competition.

To make your competition you can use Rafflecopter, i think it is very easy to use, and have alot of options.

Get more followers

We all know it, more followers means more Money.

So this is a good reson to please your followers and get more.


One follower make more followers, if the first person liked your blog – they will recommend it.


Here is some easy steps to get more followers.

1. Blog oftent – one blog post in a month just isn’t enough. Try to make at least one or two every week.

2. Interact with other bloggers. Respons when there is comments on your blog, and write comments on other blogs.

3. Follow other blogs. Follow other and they migth follow you.

4. Link to other blogs. When you link to another blog, they migth go and see what you have written about, if they find it interesting they migth leave a comment or follow you.

5. Tell other people about your blog. If you are into fashion and beuty, some of your friends migth be too. Tell your friends on facebook and email them to tell about your blog, or tell them when you meet them. They are likely to leave a comment and your blog seems more active then in the start.

And at last, remember you dont get 1000 followers in one day, it takes alot of work. so give it time.