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What is affiliate program

Alot of companyes is having afilliate programs.

Afilliate, is a way of getting other people to recommend your product.

Some companyes like partner-ads, have a couple of hundred companyes they at making affiliate links for and you can apply to a Company that a making afiliate marketing for alot of other companyes or some companyes are making their own program, like Bornprettystore .

When you have signed up to make afilliate marketing eigther for a single Company, og for one of the big companyes ther are helping alot other. You can start to make afilliate links. When other people then click at the link you are making, you will be abel to get money for the click, to send people to the other webpage. or some give you Money when the people you send to their pages buy a product.

So if you have a fashion/beauty blog, you migth have a favorite webshop, check out if they have a affiliate program, it is easy to recomend products you love, dont ask people to buy thing that you dont like, just to earn money.



Products from Bornprettystore

Some pages requires you to apply to be abel to test their products.

One page there alows you to get free products to test is Bornprettystore. To test products you need to have a nail art blog, or a fashion or makeup blog.

They have a couple of options on Bornprettystore you can simply apply for products  to show and rewiev on your blog. I recommend to have a blog for at leaset 1 month and at least 20 blogposts before you apply.

Born Pretty Nail Art

If you buy or get free products from bornprettystore there is a option to get bornprettypoints. You get them from posting photos and videos of you using the product. The points can you use to buy more products from bornprettystore.

And they have more options…. Join their affiliate program and you can earn money on sending people from your blog to bornprettystore. This require the people buy some Stuff and then you will earn a bit on the sale.

Sometimes they give special codes for bloggers to offer it migth give followers 5 or 10% of! and then combined with blogging about one of their products and getting money for sending people to their page! there is some money to earn.


If you have any interest of any of the products on Bornpretty store, here is some discount cupons, so you dont have to pay full price, even though it is pretty cheap, but they have alot of nice things. check it out. They work for the rest of 2014.

Coupon : BPS5 – gives you 5% of when you register.

Coupon; 10BPS120 – gives 10$ off at a order on 120$

Coupon; 20BPS200 – gives 20$ off at a order on 200$

Coupon; 35BPS300 – gives 35$ off at a order on 300$

Coupon; 60BPS500 – gives 60$ off at a order on 500$

Coupon; 150BPS1000 – gives 150$ off at a order on 1000$


Affiliate network paid on results

Now here is a good place to sign up, if you want to promote alot of diffrent webshops.

In the end of this post, i have made links to some of the pages you can promote on, so if you like the shops i found you migth want to sign up fo an account there.

It is really easy to sign up, and in short time you will be abel to make your first link to a shop.  Some shops will not automaticly approve you, so you can’t be sure to make links to every shops at first, but there is more than 200 shops, and some do approve every body.


You Can promote shops like:
Legally Glam

Dead Good Undies

Yukka The Urban Streetwear Store



Inspired Jewellery from Argent of London
Argent of London

Daniel Lade

New Season Clothing db3 Online
DB3 Online

Off all above mentioned webshop, what kind of webshop do you like the most?

I have tried to find things fittings alot, all from beautiful dresses and jewellery, and High fashion mens wear to streetwear, undies and wellies.

Affiliate programs

To Earn money on your blog you can sign up for a coupe of affiliate programs.

Affiliating is when you post a link to somebody else, and that person pays you.

They can pay, for the amount of people who click on you link to their page.

They can pay a % of every time a person that have clicked on yourlink have bourgth something on their page.  Then you normaly get 5 to 10 % of the amount they have sold goods for.

Some me webshops have their own affiliate program that you Can sign up for, and some webshop makes affiliate deals with a bigger affiliate Company.

If you sign up for an affiliate Company, they migth have 200 diffrent webshops you can own money on linking to. But the affiliate Companys oftest have more stricth rules for being accepted than a webshop have.

Some affiliate Companys demand to have your own domain for your webpage, not just a free blog.

But having a beauty/fashion blog there is a lot of  webshops where you Can apply.