Affiliate programs

To Earn money on your blog you can sign up for a coupe of affiliate programs.

Affiliating is when you post a link to somebody else, and that person pays you.

They can pay, for the amount of people who click on you link to their page.

They can pay a % of every time a person that have clicked on yourlink have bourgth something on their page.  Then you normaly get 5 to 10 % of the amount they have sold goods for.

Some me webshops have their own affiliate program that you Can sign up for, and some webshop makes affiliate deals with a bigger affiliate Company.

If you sign up for an affiliate Company, they migth have 200 diffrent webshops you can own money on linking to. But the affiliate Companys oftest have more stricth rules for being accepted than a webshop have.

Some affiliate Companys demand to have your own domain for your webpage, not just a free blog.

But having a beauty/fashion blog there is a lot of  webshops where you Can apply.

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