Variation in photos

This is a hard thing of having a nailart/fashion blog, to variate your Photos.

If you have a nailart blog you will oftent have photos of your nails, oftent same position, every time.

and Fashion blog, is oftent a selfie, in same full body mirror, of the outfit of today, fashion show photos.

So now it is time to think and be creative. Dont have simmilar photos just in new clothes or new make up/nailpolish.

So here is what to do….. the only limit is your imagination. Get inspired and use diffrent effekts on your Photos. That can be, a diffrent background. Have a friend take photos of you instead of selfies, that wont be a everyday option, but once in a while. Think of making something diffrent.

I have in just 10 minutes made 9 photos, af the same nailpolish… and no there is not a photo with a bottle in the hand… i try to variate a bit, and you can hopefully see the nailpolish look diffrent on the difftent photos.

foto 3sfoto 2sfoto 1rfoto 1foto 1sfoto 3

Okay i admit, not all of this 9 photos are perfekt, but i did this in only 10 minutes just to prove, is dosen’t have to be hard, to make at bit of variations.

it is just a question on having the ideas for doing something diffrent.

foto 2r

foto 2

foto 3r


Please not that it look like a diffrent nailpolish on the diffrent photos, it isen’t. but det background and ligth changes it a bit. It is a glitter polish so it is actually hard to take accurate photos of.

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