How to start a new blog

To be abel to earn money on a blog, you need to have one. That is fairly simple.


You have two options first.

1. Get a free blog

2. Buy a domain and get a blog on your own webpage.


Both options is very easy to set up and well explained on other blogs. So i wont explain much about it.

foto 3

Where you should think and it migth make a difference, is that you will rank better in Google with your own domain, instead of a free blog.

But then, dont expect to be rich on owning a beauty blog, so for a start, if you never have had a blog before, i will recommend a free blog.

This is a free wordpress blog, i could have choosen a paid domain for my blog, but choosed to make it on a free blog. Because that is what i expect most beauty/fashion blogs to do. So i will have to work with same issues as you have.

Before you can earn Money on your blog i recommend you have had it for a couple of months, so if you already have a blog please keep following, then ther will come tips on how to get freebies and how to set your blog up to earn some money.

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